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Thank you for stopping by on my blog. Today I’ll be sharing my new buys from Calzedonia with you.

Calzedonia is an Italian fashion brand that started in 1987. They have shops all over the world. Currently they have Julia Roberts as the face of their brand in their latest commercial. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Calzedonia is a brand who sells fancy panties, socks and also bathing suits during the summer, basically hosiery and beach wear. I’ve always loved their collections and the high quality of the products they sell.

Julia Roberts Calzedonia campaign Credit: Calzedonia

I went to the Calzedonia store in Antwerp after my work during the Black Friday period. This period is an absolute hell for sales people – I can really tell you from my own experience. The madness is absolutely incredible. In Belgium the Black Friday hype wasn’t really a thing for the last couple of years, but this year it was absolutely insane! So many people asking for discounts… The American habits are really overtaking Europe.

So from an employee’s point of view Black Friday isn’t really my favorite happening of the year, but of course, when I did some shopping of my own I did like the Black Friday discounts! As a customer I enjoyed a nice discount at Calzedonia, where I got 5 (!) pairs of socks for only 10 euros.

I could choose the pairs myself, the racks were filled with different socks and different designs and I could mix and match. I found some really great pairs to wear with my Adidas Superstar sneakers.

You can see that small details really can make an outfit work beautifully. It’s the details that can really make it or break it. Socks have become statements in fashion. Te 90s vibes are totally back in fashion, so go for it and get some socks yourself. The quality of Calzedonia socks is really good. I can recommend this store.

Here you can see the combination with the sneakers. Would you like to try this look too? You can find the items on my LikeToKnow.It account! Click on this link and find everything in just one click 🙂

Check out the Calzedonia short sports socks collection here.

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