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Today’s post is a bit different. As you all know I am quite passionate about selfcare and selflove. Guestblogger Inez is also very driven about this specific item. In this blogpost written by her you find all information concerning this topic as an initial start to what selfcare is about and what it means. Enjoy your read and don’t hesitate to share, like and respond to this amazing content.

“Selfcare is not an expense, it’s an investment.”

Selfcare is huge lately. Everybody is talking about it and bookstores sell books galore about the subject.

The term “selfcare” can be misleading though. One person thinks it’s buying the designer bag they had their eye on for months, for another it is spending a day at a spa and another one enjoys eating out in a star restaurant.

But can we really quote these activities as “care”? Let’s look at the word first. The English Cambridge Dictionary explains the word as follows :the process of protecting someone or something and providing what that person or thing needs.The key word, in my opinion, here is the word “need”. What is it that you need?

There is a different answer for everyone. There are basic needs all people share like shelter, food, safety and company. But if those are provided what more do we need? That might be different for you than for me. I might say I need to have books to feel happy. And you may say you can’t live without your smartphone. Or your cat. This is the next level of selfcare. Things that make us happy. Maybe you love to dance or cook or bake (Isabelle?? 😉). Our hobbies are also a form of selfcare. We need them in order to feel good, to relax and to feel we can accomplish something.

And then there is a form of selfcare that I am passionate about and I want to share with you : I call it internal or spiritual selfcare. Those of you who have been down, depressed or had a burn-out will know that your hobbies can’t help you when you feel that low. First of all you can’t even imagine getting off the couch, let alone go dancing or cooking or baking or whatever it is that you normally enjoy doing. Even living your life exhausts you. You are glad you can just tackle the day. So now what? Selfcare? How? Gloomy thoughts tumble through your brain all the time and let’s be honest : those thoughts aren’t kind. In fact, they are horrible sometimes. If you think I am going to tell you to just start thinking positive thoughts, rest assured, I won’t. Because it is impossible. You are not conciously thinking. You are a victim of your own thoughts. You can’t just stop thinking. But here is the good news : you can change your brain. That’s right! Not in a day, or a week or even a month. But you CAN and if you give yourself time, you WILL.

You must have noticed that mindfullness is a thing. Everybody knows someone who did a course or read a book about the subject. And then meditation is another thing. To be mindful you MUST meditate. Well, must you? I am not so sure. Because let’s face it : how can you turn off your thoughts? Of course you can’t. You are only living in your head right now and it’s not a nice place to be!Let me tell you what I did. I got off the couch (sorry but you will have to) and washed the dishes. No, don’t run away! Hear me out. When I started washing I felt like I would rather throw them in the bin. But I continued and slowly I started to feel better. When I finished, I felt proud. Really proud! And now pay attention : then I congratulated myself on doing the dishes. I looked around my kitchen and told myself I was proud of myself. Don’t allow yourself to think : oh it’s only dishes, everybody can do them, it’s not that big an achievement. STOP! IT IS A BIG ACHIEVEMENT for you at this particular moment.

You must reward yourself for it. The reward can be minimal : a cup of coffee, half an hour on Pinterest (my favourite) or whatever you like. And this is real mindfullness : conciously thinking well of yourself. Conciously giving yourself a compliment. Give yourself a break, girl! You did the dishes!! Woohoo!

“Stop hating yourself for everything you wish you were and start loving yourself for what you are.”

That is selfcare in it’s most basic and wonderful form. See the things that you usually don’t pay attention to. In yourself but also in others and in the world in general. Look at things in yourself you are proud of. See the good things in the world. If that means you have to skip the seven o’clock news, well yes, skip it! Nourish your soul. Feed it with good thoughts. And when you think positive thoughts, your life will change for the better. You will feel infinitely better. About yourself and your life.

So selfcare has not much to do with pampering yourself, but more with respecting yourself and listening to what it is your soul wants. Be proud of who you are and what you do. You do the best you can.

This post was written by guestblogger Inez. All credits go to her. Thank you for reading, if you want to stay updated please follow us on social media and subscribe to our monthly newsletter!

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