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Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read my latest blogpost. Today’s post I’ll share with you my personal experience with the Nivea Urban Skin Detox 10 Minutes Tissue Mask. I got this mask from Nivea as a gift and I was very excited to test this product.

Let me first tell you something about my skin type. I have a very difficult and sensitive skin. I often suffer from acne breakouts and at other times my skin can be very dry – the opposite. So it’s a challenge for me to find a good, effective skin care routine that matches my expectations.

The packaging

The packaging of the product mentions 3x instant effects: intensive cleansing, mattifies the skin and refreshes the skin in only 10 minutes. The mask contains charcoal and green tea, which are very effective ingredients when you suffer from a greasy skin. It removes all dirt from the skin, that way you have clean pores and less risk for acne breakouts. This mask is a real detox for the urban skin, who suffers from daily stress.

The application

Apply this mask on a clean skin (no make-up). You need to unfold the mask and put the dark side on your face so the white side is on the outside. Then you remove the white layer so only the black one remains on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes and then remove it from the skin. After that you just wipe away the residue with a cotton pad.

The results

My skin felt so fresh, I really loved the feeling of refreshment using this mask after a long day at work. This mask fits your urban lifestyle perfectly. It works fast and is effective, you will definitely find some time to add this product to your skin care routine. My skin also felt mattified yet still glowing. It’s not too harsh, from which I was afraid. It’ll also be a good match for sensitive skin types like me because the product ingredients can’t do any harm. They’re all natural.


I am very happy I tried this mask. I’m definitely going to try more products of this skin care line. I believe Nivea has made me a happy customer. It’s no secret I love Nivea products. Yet this product has satisfied me again, besides all the other products I have used from this brand. Great job, Nivea!

I’d like to thank Nivea to give me the opportunity to actually test this product.

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  1. Owh wat leuk is dit je nieuwe samenwerking 1e met niveau? Blij voor je wist het wel dat je zou lukken topper..fijne middag en goed te lezen dat Nivea een goed product is yeahh

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