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Hi lovely readers,

Today’s post I’m going to share with you a huge mash-up of outfits I’ve worn for the last couple of months. It’s a great summary of my favorite items lately and the trends I love to wear. Feel free to share with us your favorite look 😉 #2019fashion

Combination of my plaid grey blazer from Gallerys and Primark sweater.

Layers, layers, layers – we keep on adding layers during the winter. Here I’m wearing my favorite Bershka teddybear coat and my black Ugg boots. I was also wearing my new pink hat with pearl details, an item I found by coincidence in Carrefour! It matches my pink scarf perfectly.

This outfit contains a new beige velvet jacket I bought from Primark, I had it at a great price (only € 15 instead of € 27). Are you feeling the 70s vibe, because I definitely am! I combined it with a hoodie, denim trousers and my black Adidas sneakers. I also have this new amazing hip bag from Longchamp which matches my sporty looks perfectly.

Uggs. My second addiction besides caffeine – no, false, chocolate is my second. I love getting comfy with just a cream colored sweater and cosy boots… Cold temperatures demand comfortable wear.

Primark denim skirt, Ugg boots, H&M leggings and a bomber jacket from a local store. I really love the balance here between girly and cool.

The biggest smiles require luxury handbags! Really love this treasure from Longchamp, the new Roseau Python handbag is a real beauty.

This hat from Carrefour matches the pink tones I love to use in my accessories. It was such a great buy, only 10 euros and it’s great to keep my ears warm when the wind is absolutely killing outside.

90s are sooo cool. I love this fashion trend so much. Bomber jackets, dad sneakers, XXL shopping bags and round scarfs. Love, love, love.

I have to admit I have a thing for pink. You’ve probably seen my phone case like a thousand times when I take selfies with the mirror. It’s an overload of pink and cute kawaii figures, which has been an obsession of mine from when I was little. I love cute things (why’d you think I have bunnies as pets?). I really love this color, it’s so feminin. So this outfit was a real 100% pink: pink jacket, pink scarf, pink accessories, pink Adidas shoes, pink Pliage handbag, pink Liu Jo sweater, … Hate it or love it 😉

The blue sweater up above was a new buy from about a month ago. I really love the pop of color. My boyfriend said it was time I’d buy something else besides black – really guys! my work uniform is ALL black and I do wear black in my free time as well. So he was right, I could not deny. He ended up buying me the sweater, a very good purchase. I matched it with – yes repeat – my black Pliage backpack and black Ugg boots and a comfy denim jeans.

Here I am cheating on Longchamp with Juicy Couture – woops, sorry! I do love some glamour once in a while. I wore it with my pink Primark sweater (pink again!), my Zara ripped jeans and Anna Field cognac colored ankle boots.

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Thank you for your attention. I hope to keep you all entertained with my outfits in 2020 as well. I’m very grateful for all your support and appreciate every like, comment and share. Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time for more fashion, beauty and lifestyle news.

Juwelen en accessoires - BEJuwelen en accessoires - BE

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