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Time goes waaaay too fast. Winter’s not even present yet in our country. In Belgium it has only been under 0 degrees like 2 times – it’s absolutely crazy. And we already need to look forward to the spring summer season. What will be the main fashion trends to look at? Let’s go and check it out. Grab your cup of coffee and take your time to see what Fashion Week has brought us.

Trend #1: Puffed sleeves

Inspired by the 18th century, the Victorian-inspired sleeves are back in fashion. Accentuate your shoulders or wear the puff on the lower arm, you can choose yourself how to wear this trend. Go for soft pink shades for a feminine look or wear the puffed sleeves trend in black shades to create this dark, mysterious gothic like look.

Trend #2: Short shorts

Shorter than short: that are the shorts for this summer season as you can see for instance at Longchamp’s runway show. Of course this hotpants trend is not for everyone. It’s more a thing for young girls, but it’s cute. Combine them with high pumps to create a dazzling long legs effect. High waist is a must!

Sale (NL)Sale (NL)

Trend #3: Wrapped ankles

Back from last year are sandals with straps. But there is something new about it: now the ladies wear the straps over their trousers! For me it looks a bit weird but anyway, we’ll see how that trend will evolve πŸ˜‰

Trend #4: Suits

Looking all professional and serious: the suits for women remain in fashion land. This season it’s all about the 70s as you can see on the runway of Prada in the picture above: the colors, the shape. It all screams vintage. Either you hate it or you love it, this masculin look.

Trend #5: Trench coat 2.0

This spring you can wear your trench coat again, but nothing like the classic ones. The new trench coat is totally revamped with new color combinations, new shapes, new patterns. Go for the ultimate elegance with a trench coat in cream colored satin, or stand out from the crowd with a red-beige combo. I really like this trend in fact.

Sale (NL)Sale (NL)

Accessory trends

Baglovers can go for small bags and bucket bags. The animal print is also back in trend for the thirth year in a row (hello reptile, leopard and croco printed bags). Shoemaniacs should go for square shaped heels, as seen at Zadig & Voltaire.

CREDIT: Sources I used to write this article + images:

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What do you think about these trends? Would you like to try them out? Feel free to share your views in the comment form below. Thank you for your attention. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated and follow OVDD on social media. We’re very active on Instagram! ❀

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      1. Lol I’m positive I’ll see my fav actress do it and I’ll be all over it the next day. πŸ˜‚ you a good day as well ❀️


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