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Hi sweet readers,

Today’s post I’ll be sharing 5 awesome tips to make the best photos for your blog and social media. Having good photos is very important, because it’s the first thing that visitors see when they view your content. So you better make it look attractive so your visitors will be interested in reading more. These tips will help you out for sure! Go ahead, grab your cup of coffee and read what you can do to get your photos to the next level within no time.

TIP #1: Work With Themes

When you take pictures for your blog and social media, consider them as “business pictures”. They’re not just random selfies or pictures of your dog. You really need to stick to a theme – a general focus point. For instance, my blog is about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Lifestyle is quite a big category, but I always discuss the same items: home decoration, healthy lifestyle and selfcare. If out of the blue I’d post a picture of a car, it would be very weird. So stay loyal to your themes. Choose the items/landscapes/animals/nature/people you want to take photos of and stick to that idea.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is to have a certain color palette. Just like your home interior and your fashion style, we all have different preferences. Like in my case, I love green and pink shades in my interior lately so you can see these colors popping on my blog as well. I love sportswear so these kind of fashion styles are also well seen on my blog and social media. The same backgrounds are often used. Like for example the table in my living room is light grey (like most of my furniture to be honest) so these cold tones frequently are used as background for my photographs. People love repetition plus you create your own unique style this way, which is a good bonus.

TIP #2: Use Good Apps To Edit Your Photos

My favorite photo editing app of all time is Inshot. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love this app. It’s free and you can download it within seconds in your App store. You can edit photos and videos easily and you also have the option to create a collage. You can choose between an amazing offer of filters, add text to your photos and choose between the sizes you prefer (the well known square Instagram size for example).

Using good apps is important. Every 2 to 3 months I try to check the App store for some new photo editing apps so I can maybe discover something new which can improve my photos. What you do need to take into account is that when you edit your photo, your photo quality might end up being low, so don’t edit too much. Don’t forget: editing a photo won’t fix flaws – you need to start with a good quality photo to begin with.

TIP #3: Try Perspective

Perspective can do a lot with photos, it’s actually what photography is all about. You can blur the background, try different angles. This way you can discover new variations which is interesting and refreshing. You can even try to turn your photo to the right or left to have a different look – it’s nice to play with the idea of walking on a wall for instance. With iPhone you have the “Portret” option which creates the most beautiful photos.

You can play with sizing by standing far from the lens and putting an item closeby so it looks like you’re very small. It’s so much fun trying these things and playing with perspective. People love creativity and a creative photo will always get attention from all over the globe. Photography is a way of communicating without the necessity of speaking, that’s why it’s important to have such great photos. Because if your caption is in your own language, people from other countries won’t understand. If your photo is great, people will like it worldwide even if they don’t understand your caption.

TIP #4: Don’t Forget The Details

It’s very important to sharpen your photos. These days most phones can take high quality photos, like I mentioned iPhone before. It’s common known that Apple has amazing cameras. If you want to sharpen your photos even more, you can use the Inshot app for that. I do that with every picture when I edit it. This way your photos become more clear and more attractive. Details can’t be forgotten, they are crucial.

Whenever you take photos, don’t forget to pay attention to details as well. When I see other peoples pictures, I often see that they forget the background. Like a messy sofa or people passing by – it really interrupts the photo and takes away the attention from what you want to show. So look for the details: no dirt and no clutter.

TIP #5: Be Creative

Sometimes I use small trays to present my beauty products. Trays that I use in my home decoration can perfectly serve as a background for photographs. You really can be creative. When you have a nice giftpaper for example, you can even use that to present your products. Don’t look too far and try different things until you really have that “wow” picture to share on Instagram.

Even candles, lightning, flowers, they are all good choices to use as decoration for your pictures. When you do a beauty product review, this can actually create a peaceful atmosphere and your readers will absolutely love it without doubt!

What do you think about these tips? Do you have tips of your own to share with us? Feel free to leave a comment below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news right into your mailbox. We’re also active on social media, mostly Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for reading, I’ll see you next time.

Winter 2020Winter 2020

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it and I’m glad you like my content 🙂 And it’s not easy to take good pictures, for me it’s a challenge every time because I don’t want to look forced in any way – sometimes my smile’s a bit too fake LOL. Thanks for your contribution and I wish you a lovely weekend ❤

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      1. …I know what your are talking about fake smiles !! I don’t really like the image of myself (yeah, this makes a selfie a very difficult duty) and I dislike even more when I see me “posing”… So sometime for one simple shot I have taken fifty !!
        Have a lovely weekend you too !! ❤

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