Hi sweet readers,

I have an amazing collaboration going on right now. The brand MVMT contacted me a while ago with the question to collaborate. Of course I said yes! So I received one of their amazing watches in my mailbox. Today I’ll be sharing my personal opinion about this product.

Let’s start with some information about the brand. MVMT is designed in LA. It all started in 2013, when 2 young man started MVMT to disrupt the overpriced and outdated models of the fashion industry. High quality minimalist designs at fair prices, that was the idea. Through social media MVMT grew far beyond LA. Now MVMT is known all over the globe.

The watches are made of premium quality and all designed in their headquarters in Los Angeles.

I ordered the Dusk Taupe watch from the Signature II collection. Let me share a picture of this beautiful piece.

I fell in love with the color, I really love neutral shades like taupe, brown and rose gold. I liked the design as well, it’s minimalistic and luxurious all together. You can find this particular watch by clicking here. It’s a €150.

The purchase itself exceeded my expectations. I received the package within 2 days after having an order confirmation by email – 2 DAYS!! It comes from America, so 2 days was extremely fast and I was very pleased with their fast service. They send their package with UPS Express.

In the package itself was a box filled with the watch and extra pieces to enlarge it or to adjust it. It all looks so professional, I really could see the luxurious intake on their brand – it was like getting a watch from an expensive jewelry store. I also received a small book with some information about their brand.

Currenly I’m wearing the watch every single day. I did not need to adjust it, because the size was exactly right. I was a bit scared about that because I have small wrists. I am very, very happy with this purchase. I will have a lot of pleasure from this watch without doubt. It’s gonna be my companion for many years I believe! Thank you, MVMT.

I got all information of MVMT from their official website.

The website of MVMT offers free shipping worldwide and you get a 24 month warranty on all products. So make sure to check it out because that way you get a total view of their mindblowingly beautiful collections #jointhemvmt

Get your own amazing MVMT watch in Antwerp at this location:


Meir 80/82 – 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

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