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The whole world is at war with COVID-19 and we are all not permitted to go outside except for necessities like for sports, groceries or for medication. The first days at home won’t be an issue for most people. If you don’t have a lot of time normally (like me), then you can finally get to do things you don’t have time for otherwise. But when those tasks are done, it can be easy to get bored. I share 5 activities with you which you can do during this quarantaine period.

If you stay at home with your family or just with your husband, it’s also a challenge not to get on each others nerves. Because you see each other every single day, which can be quite frustrating after a while. For that issue, I believe it’s necessary to take some time for yourself. The same thing with children, you really need to have some me time to take care of yourself. Make a deal with your hubby when you plan your me time moment. Remember: it’s not selfish, it’s normal.


A lovely activity to do with your hubby and/or your children are boardgames. Monopoly, Cluedo, you name it. It’s not only a fun thing to do, it’s a great way to pass the time and to challenge your brain. Every game requires some strategy, so it’s a good way to keep your brain sharp.


Your pets are probably the only ones benefitting from this disease. My bunnies are really happy that my boyfriend and I stay at home the whole day. We sit in the yard and let them play in the rabbit run. They love the extra attention, so we like to spoil them. It’s also good for those who live alone. Your pets can give you the affection you miss nowadays.


Nature is still safe to go. It’s also healthy for your well being. Go for a walk or go running, it’s the perfect time to appreciate the small things in life. Spring is coming and everything blooms. Now is the time to get some fresh air and appreciate all the good nature gives us. If you have a dog, you don’t even need to force yourself. Walking in the forest is also a great therapy for your mind. It’s a good way to destress during these hectic times.

If you have a garden, it’s nice to play sports games with your man or children. That way you are having an active and healthy lifestyle and you’re passing the time doing something fun and bonding for your family. If your family has issues, this might be the ultimate opportunity to talk things through and to heal the love.


Tasks you normally don’t have time for, are now good for your activity list. Reorganizing your home, cleaning the house for the new spring season, putting new decoration in the house, … These are the perfect times to do such things. When the tasks are finished, you’ll have a great feeling of pride. When you get back to work, you can enjoy coming back in your fresh home afterwards.


Never have time for reading? (Check) Now you have! Grab that book from the shelf and start reading. Before you know it, the afternoon is gone. Have a nice cup of tea and some biscuits with it and you’ll certainly have a fun time. Reading is also good to train your language skills and to maintain your concentration.

If you’re not a reader (awww, too bad), then you can always binge watch you favorite Netflix series. Not something I recommend for every day, but you can certainly plan a Netflix marathon with some tasty snacks and drinks. It’s the moment to do so!

Things you better avoid:

  • Buying a lot of things online: Now that the stores are closed it’s tempting to buy a lot of stuff online, but if you’re currently not sure about your income, it’s better to wait. These are not secure times and it’s better to have some extra money on the bank in case of emergencies (you never know how this situation might develop).
  • Staying in bed the whole day: You’ll get lazy and bored as hell. This won’t help you in any way. Sweatpants all day, that I can understand, but start the day fresh with a shower and breakfast.
  • Read the news every single hour: I know it’s tempting to see if there’s an update about the virus in your country, but it’s also very scary to see the numbers raising and to see the measures the government’s taking. Confronting yourself with that every single hour of the day is not a good idea. Because then you get paranoid. Being afraid is normal, but reading the news too much will not help calming down. Watching the news 1 time a day is more than enough.
  • Buying tons of food: I hate the fact that people are currently buying tons of food and toilet paper. It’s selfish, people who work in health care or people who are old and don’t have a car don’t stand a chance. There’s plenty of food for everyone. Think about the others, stand together and don’t stand in each other’s way.
  • Not respecting the measures: The government is making up these measures with a reason. Respect them. Don’t think: I’m young, I’ll survive this disease, because you might but someone else might die! It’s reckless and selfish to think you have more rights than someone else.

Let’s get through this together ❤ Appreciate the small things and find meaning in other things beside work. I hope you and your families are all okay, take care.

If you have any other ideas for fun activities during quarantaine, share them in the comment box below. Thank you for reading. Follow Outfitvandedagblog on social networks and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I also discuss topicality, like for instance the current situation with COVID-19.


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