Hi sweet readers,

Today I’ll be sharing my current favorites with you in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle niche. Lately I haven’t posted much so I thought it would be nice to have a general summary of items that I like to use on a daily base or things that I’ve been up to.

# FASHION: Currently Wearing

In Belgium it’s 99% of the time raining. So my practical sporty coat from Hollister is really my go-to item for in between seasons for everyday to work. I combine that coat with my red-blue check printed scarf to have some color and to keep me warm. For daily use, I always bring my Pliage Club shoulder bag. I know it’s a shame because I have so much leather bags, but I notice I have the most pleasure from my Pliage bag. If the weather sucks, it’s not that bad that my bag is wet. If it’s a leather one, I’d be worried. I don’t want it to get damaged or something – I know it’s stupid because I’m the one saying to customers that it’s a waste not to wear your bag πŸ™‚

# BEAUTY: Current perfume

My current perfume is Inspire from Christina Aguilera. I bought it at Action for only about € 8. At the Action store you can find brand perfume for small prices, it’s interesting but keep in mind that these offers are always temporarely. I really love this scent from Christina Aguilera. It’s fresh and feminine at the same time. But I have bought perfume from Christina Aguilera in the past, more specifically her basic perfume line. And I was already fan of this scent, so it wasn’t a wild guess to buy this one. I can really recommend it. The scent also lasts quite long and it’s not too strong or heavy in any kind of way.

# HAIR & MAKE-UP: Current styling spray + make-up products

As y’all know (or don’t know yet if you don’t follow my blog), I used to have a fringe. Now I don’t wear it anymore because I prefer a more clean look and a fresh face. To create a hairstyle that stays perfect the whole day long I use this amazing styling spray from the luxurious line of Kruidvat haircare. This is really a life-changing product. I literally can’t miss it anymore in my morning routine.

For make-up, I stick to the same routine for months. The only thing I change sometimes are the eyeshadow colors. I always go for pink, mauve, peach, brown and nude shades. Most products are from Dr. Hauschka (mattifying powder, eyeliner, peachy eyeshadow), I really love this brand. The other products are from Kiko (bronzer), Primark (highlighter), Catrice (eyebrowgel) and Essence (mascara).

# HOME: Currently painting our home

Painting our home was already on the top of our to do list when we planned on moving here in this house. Now our dream finally came true. We decided to go for an off-white color, because you can never go wrong with that. And it’s also a good way to have more light in the house. I really love this new, fresh and modern look in our home. I’m very glad we made the decision to paint it. It was done so fast, it was ready within a week.

# LIFESTYLE: Currently reading

Currently I’m reading “Blind Date” by Marelle Boersma. It’s an interesting story about a blogger who’s having a stalker. She’s ready to make it in the industry but there’s a dark cloud hanging over her. I believe her friend is jealous of her, and she also has a lot of ex romances who I believe would be able to take revenge on her in some way. I’m still reading it, but I’ll keep you guys tuned about this book. There’s definitely a book review coming up about this on my blog.

# BUNNIES: Currently fave pic of my bunny Fien

I posted this one on my Instagram. My bunny Fien has this amazing hair style which I love to play with to create the most funny looks. The one on this picture is definitely her Einstein look πŸ˜€ So cute and funny at the same time. Couldn’t help myself. Animals are the best, right?

What are your current favorites? Share them in the comment box below.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! Indeed, I totally agree about the underrated part. Other celebrity fragances often have this cheap scent, but the ones from Christina Aguilera have never disappointed me. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts! Have a lovely day ❀

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