Hi dear readers,

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really feel like dressing up when staying at home. I often go for relaxing, soft lounge essentials which is just comfortable to wear during the day. H&M offers on their online store a “Working it from home” collection which is really nice. In this blogpost I’ll share with you some lovely homewear ideas during the lockdown period, which will also contain items from this H&M collection for inspirational purpose.

I’ve been an UGG fan for years. They are warm, cosy and perfect to wear as slippers inside your home. I have a pink pair which I believe are more suitable for inside (my black pair is good for outdoors), so these will be shown in my outfit examples.

Outfit #1 is super comfy. Go for a warm and soft quality knitted sweater, combine it with a seamless legging and a pair of Ugg boots to get the ultimate level of comfort.

Outfit #2 is more sportive. Wearing a grey hoodie or sweatshirt with a pair of classic Adidas sweatpants and your Ugg boots.

Outfit #3 has more layers, so when the weather is changing, you can easily choose to take off your cardigan. To make everything match, you can choose to have the same color for your t-shirt as for your Ugg boots.

Last but not least: accessorize. Even though you’re staying inside your house, you can still add some glam to your look. When wearing sweatpants, it’s nice to have a feminine touch with a pair of earrings or lovely hairclips.

Of course if you are comfortable wearing denim at home, you can easily switch the leggings and sweatpants to jeans. Because of my pregnancy, I don’t like to wear jeans at the moment. But you can choose for yourself.

Discover here the H&M Comfy Homeworking collection.

Hopefully this lockdown will end very soon, so we can go back to more classy looks for outdoors! Thank you for reading. Feel free to follow me on social media and to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. You’ll receive a blogging guide, which I wrote, for free. Take care loves, and pray for better times.

12 reacties op β€˜Cosy Homewear Ideas: What To Wear During Lockdown?’

  1. Love these home outfits !! Thank for the inspiration input !! ❀
    I wear more “the-old-pair-of-loose-leggings-plus-that-oversized-hooded-sweatshirt-I-wear-for-painting” like but your are absolutely right : it’s not because we are stucked at home that we have to look like nothing !!! πŸ˜‰

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