Hi sweet readers,

Sunday’s are meant for cosy days at home, curled up in your sofa with a cup of coffee or relaxing time in the garden with a glass of wine and snacks browsing hours on Pinterest. Get inspired on this day. It’s time for a spring moodboard.

Red lips, luxury bags and your daily dose of pink. Let’s take a moment to adore tomato red floral printed dresses, lightweight and easygoing combined with white sneakers. A denim jacket to make things casual and effortless. In one hand your Chanel bag, in the other your cup of Starbucks coffee. Affordable high street pieces combined with vintage designer clothes. We love it.

Sweet colors in your makeup and in your food. Pink cake and cookies decorated with spring flowers, waiting for you to take a bite. Mauve nude lips for a “no make-up” look and classy, timeless french manicure. Naturel, but still with a touch of cuteness. It makes every girl dream.

These pregnancy looks contain my wishlist pieces for the summer season: a beige Gucci bag (still on my “one day when I’m rich I’ll buy this crazy expensive handbag” list), floral printed kimono’s to match with gorgeous pastel colored dresses for a romantic, dazzling look. Navy blue stripes with a touch of coral, a beautiful combination. Ahhhh…let my belly grow already so I can order these please – but hey, we must enjoy the journey too. Growth takes time.

“Goals are good, pressure is toxic.”

I used to want things immediately, I had no patience. I’ve learned that great things take time, giving up straight away after barely giving new opportunities a chance is not a wise decision to make. Same with blogging, my audience is still growing but slowly – and I think it’s good that way. There’s no need to rush, one step at a time. Goals are good, pressure is toxic.

Spring is the ultimate season to spend more time with your family and pets outside, enjoying the fresh scent of nature growing and playing games. Dogs love playing in the yard, as do bunnies. It’s a great way to get more exercise, to get some vitamin D and to decorate the garden with flowers and plants.

What is your inspiration for the spring/summer season? Do you like this moodboard? Share your thoughts below. I do read all the comments and appreciate your contribution.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy my content, if you do feel free to follow me on social media (I follow back) and to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Have a great day! See you next time.

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