Hi sweet readers,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Today’s post I’ll share with you my personal moodboard for the babyroom, since I’ve done some research on Pinterest which colors and decorations I love the most. Let’s take a look and feel free to share your opinion about it!

We already ordered a baby bed – even though we said we would wait. We were not sure because we prefer shopping in real stores but due to the corona virus all shops were closed for a while. So we could only order online. I said to my man we’d wait, because I’d rather see the furniture and all decorations in real life.

But okay, we ended up on this great website called Vanastenbabysuperstore, a Dutch website. And they had a great deal, only € 79,99 for this practical, beautiful grey and lightweight baby bed. Perfect to put next to our bed during the night, so we are immediately with him if he cries. The baby bed can be adjusted in height. We can even move it easily from the first floor to our living room if our little man wants to take a nap during the day. We got the baby bed from my mom as a gift, we’re so happy with it and we’ll receive it very soon ❤ (and yes, there will be a review)

I’ve looked at the Ikea website also for some ideas for the baby room. Our color palette is already fixed: blue, grey, white and taupe. These will be the colors which we will pick in all furniture and decorations. Our house is basically decorated with grey, white and taupe. For the baby room I’d use blue (because of his gender of course) as an accent color.

This closet from Ikea is really nice. It even has a special drawer for toys, which is very practical to keep things clean when he gets older.

There will be bunny details everywhere – I’m warning you. I love bunnies, they’re my pets. And a lot of children’s decorations are with bunnies – I love it. It’s adorable.

I really like this puzzle carpet – so cosy. And OMG he’s holding a stuffed animal in the shape of a bunny! Too cute to handle.

We’re definitely buying a similar sheep carpet.

Those colors are absolutely gorgeous, right? I asked your opinion in a poll (I really love polls in my IG stories lately – I’m always curious about you guys’ opinions) and apparently 89 % agrees with me that this color combination is indeed beautiful. So yup, I’m going for it.

I love organized spaces. Especially with a baby, it’s recommended to organize properly. I love how the clothing is folded, it’s so easy to grab and to have an overview.

At the side of the changing table I’m going to put small well organized boxes.

The boxes up here are also very practical. I love the idea of categorizing them by age. I don’t like the messy part of this image but the idea itself is really good.

What do you think about these ideas for the babyroom? Do you have experience with decorating a baby room? Feel free to share your views in the comment form below. Also, don’t forget to follow me in social media and subscribe to the newsletter if you’re loving my content. Let’s connect!

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