Hi sweet readers,

Today I’m sharing the outfit I’m wearing during these hot temperatures in Belgium. My God, it’s over a 30 degrees here and I’m not sure how I’m gonna survive the summer being extremely pregnant. I think I’m gonna melt away then – lol.

Finding a good outfit to wear when being pregnant during hot temperatures is not easy. I know a lot of people say that it’s easier to dress during the summer being pregnant, because you don’t need to buy a lot of new expensive clothes like a coat or something. But actually, to be honest with you, it’s very difficult finding something “flattering” to wear with my new body shape. You see all the pretty girls wearing nice shorts, skirts and dresses and I’m like: I look like a freaking balloon in EVERYTHING!

Of course that’s all normal. Part of the pregnancy – hormones make you feel that way. Insecurity about your body change can’t be avoided. You just need to focus on all the compliments you get from the people around you, because you DO have a pregnancy glow and you DO look amazing. You just don’t see it yourself. Strange things, these hormones. But it’s all for the greater good.

So what did I wear? Well, I found this amazing pink printed shorts at H&M, the mama department. It was only 10 euros and it’s sooooo comfortable and lightweight! It’s a gift from heaven, seriously. If you’re pregnant now – buy it. No matter what, you won’t regret it.

I combined it with a basic black top and another top added to it, more like a cropped top now (in non-pregnancy circumstances this would be a normal top, but again, the belly is huge!). It’s from Superdry with this lovely summer print. One of my favorites. I’ve had it for years actually and I keep wearing it every summer.

As for the shoes, I went for the slippers I got from the Dresslily collaboration. God, they are so comfy. If you’re having swollen feet from the heat (yes, also pregnancy things), these are wide and they won’t make your feet feel like they’re about to explode.

As for the bag, I went for one of my favorite Pliages: the navy blue handbag medium size. I’ve had this bag now for about 2 years, I’ve even had the corners repaired. It is my all time favorite.

My watch is from the MVMT collaboration, for which I’m happy to share my personal discount code with you guys: OUTFITVANDEDAGBLOG15. You’ll get 15% off your order. I can really recommend these watches, they remain beautiful and I’m not a careful type of person – normally my watches don’t survive that long or the glass gets broken or something. The one I have from MVMT, the rosé taupe one, is so gorgeous and I wear it every day. Love it, love it, love it.

My sunglasses from Brillen24 are also of great quality. It was such a shame their service was zo bad, because the glasses itself are really amazing. I wear them also every day.

My make-up look was created by products of my own webshop OVDD Make-up, make sure to check out our new arrivals – I am so excited about these new additions! I’ve added some cruelty free beauty brands which you should really discover. If you’re a beauty- and animal lover, this will be your perfect match!

So how are you guys doing? Any pregnant ladies here too? I must say, I follow a lot of pregnant bloggers on Instagram and it’s so nice to see their experiences and tips. We should all stick together!

If you’re also pregnant, make sure to check out the Netflix show: Yummy Mummies Melbourne! It’s such a great show for all mommy to be’s!

Thank you for reading. Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for all the updates. We also have a monthly newsletter for which you can subscribe, you’ll receive a free blog guide in return 😉

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