Hi sweet readers,

It’s been a couple of weeks and I have my reasons for that. I’ve been really busy working for my job and also for my webshop during my free time, so I did not have time left to publish some content on my platform here. Besides that I’m also in my third trimester of pregnancy, and I’m not gonna lie – I don’t have the energy to do it all.

But lately I’ve really missed doing some writing and sharing some outfits on my blog. So here I am, back in the game!

I’m having this weakness for maxi dresses. I just love the comfort of it and the idea of: 1 piece & you’re good to go. It’s also perfect to wear during hot temperatures because of the lightness of the fabric. Today I’m sharing my ethnic bohemian inspired maxi dress, which I bought in a local thrift shop store. I combined it with my leather look sandals from Dresslily (really a great pair by the way) and my new bag from SheIn.

There’s a heatwave coming up here in Belgium so I’m definitely planning on wearing my maxi dresses and sandals often.

Outfit details
Dress – Thrift shop find (so happy with it!)
Shoes – Dresslily
Bag – SheIn (click here to take a look)
Watch – MVMT
Bracelet – Longchamp
Strap – Gift

About a month ago my boyfriend and I ordered a couple of items at SheIn. It was the first time we did that. I tried it after seeing some bloggers posing with their items and it caught my interest, especially because a good blogger friend of mine recommended me to discover their collections. My boyfriend ordered a pair of white sport sneakers and I ordered this bag which you can see on the picture below.

Note: On this outfit I did change the strap – the original bag comes with a blue-white printed strap which is also gorgeous (you can see that on the Instagram post when you scroll down). But because of the brown shades in the dress I changed the strap into this one. I got this one as a gift from my lovely mom ❀ Anyone else crazy about the adjustable straps & bags trend? I just love the fact that you can completely customize bags these days. That way I can combine comfort with elegance and express my own personal style.

What was our overall experience? Well, like mentioned when we placed the order it would take some time before our package would arrive. Like 7-20 days. My man and I guessed immediately that the items would come from China – it would explain the cheap prices. But okay, that’s no issue, a lot of things we buy here in Europe are made in China.

Anyway, so we waited eagerly for our package to arrive. When it arrived, we we’re so curious! And are we happy? Well, my boyfriend did like his sneakers but they were kind of special. The shoe sole comes with actual holes in it (watch the picture to get the idea), which was cool on the picture but a bit weird to walk with. My boyfriend is happy with the quality, but the execution of the design could’ve been better. Either way he’s happy to wear them.

For the bag, I am happy with it, even though it came in smaller than expected. The quality is okay for a non-leather bag and the design is lovely. I really wanted a bag that was a bit Gucci inspired and this one really nailed it. But… I must admit when I opened the package I really got annoyed with the smell. It could’ve been my pregnancy hormones, but I did spray some perfume on the bag right away because I really hated the scent of it. I asked other people to smell the bag and they just mentioned it smelled like “a new bag”, like from a fabric. So I guess this was just my preggie self that got a bit crazy about it LOL πŸ™‚

What do you think of my outfit? Have you ever ordered at SheIn? What was your experience? Feel free to share your thoughts below. I love reading your comments.

If you like my blog, don’t hesitate to follow me. I’m active on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and I post fashion, beauty and lifestyle content on a regular base. Hope to see you there!

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