NewDesireNYC: Amazing Jewelry Brand To Discover (NL + ENG)


Dear readers,

Today I’ll be introducing you to this lovely brand: NewDesireNYC. I just ordered a pair of earrings on their website, and their collection is beyond beautiful. Their designs are simple and minimalistic, but that’s exactly what makes them so gorgeous. They have necklaces, watches, rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets and sunglasses.

Dag lieve lezers,

Vandaag ga ik het hebben over het volgende merk: NewDesireNYC. Ik heb net een paar oorbellen besteld op hun website, en hun collectie is buitengewoon prachtig. Hun ontwerpen zijn simpel en minimalistisch, maar dat is net wat ze zo mooi maken. Ze hebben kettingen, horloges, ringen, armbanden, oorbellen, enkelbandjes en zonnebrillen.

A sneak peek of their collection // Een voorproefje van hun collectie:

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Heb je interesse in hun collectie, zorg dan zeker dat je geen korting misloopt! Gebruik je de volgende unieke code: Outfitvanded20 dan krijg je 20% korting bij je bestelling!

Updates can be followed on my blog & social media, first updates will be shared on my Instagram @outfitvandedagblog.

Nieuwigheden kan je steeds volgen op mijn blog en sociale media, voor nieuws heet van de naald moet je op mijn Instagram zijn @outfitvandedagblog.

Have you ordered before on NewDesireNYC? Make sure to share your review in the comment box, we all love to hear about your experience! Thank you for your attention.

Heb jij al besteld bij NewDesireNYC? Deel jouw ervaring in het reactieformulier, we willen het allemaal graag lezen. Bedankt voor jullie aandacht.

Confidence: Being the best version of you

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Hi readers,

Today’s post will be about the one topic we all have to deal with: confidence. Y’all know, that one thing we always seem to fail in: believing in our own capacities. The famous Obama quote: “Yes we can!” can be a great shout out, but believing it is another story. Can you be confident?

I believe it’s about being the best version of you.

That’s the essential thought, basically. The question is: how? How can you be the best version of you? By taking care of yourself with love. Loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you are now, that’s just the start. You are fine how you are now, it’s not about getting a reward at the end of the road, you’re already getting that reward now. It’s time to stop pushing yourself to the limit. You’re okay. More than okay. And it’s just a matter of improving your capacities.

You have received this amazing body from God or whoever is behind our existence (whatever your beliefs are). Treat that body with kindness and respect. Do not let it starve to be skinny, do not let it down by being unhygienic and do not damage it in any way. You have this wonderful gift of nature, spoil it with love. Give yourself a body scrub, massage it with body cream, make it look beautiful. Feeling beautiful starts with a lovely me time moment in the bathroom. Not only the outside needs love, your body needs to have enough vitamins so you get energized during the day. Choose healthy alternatives and stay fit, pamper your stomach and skin with the best fruits and veggies you can find.

Every person has his own qualities. Maybe you’re really good at sports, or maybe you have a very creative mind. Don’t waste your talents, but develop your full potential – because you deserve to be heard and seen by others! Don’t you think great talents like Van Gogh had their moments of weakness? Moments when they thought they were worthless, moments that they thought their work wasn’t special at all. Of course! That’s just your insecurity speaking. Even when you think you failed, failure doesn’t equalize giving up. You still have a choice, and the right choice is to try again. When you do something with your heart, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Life’s all about ups and downs. If we didn’t have the downs, we wouldn’t appreciate or acknowledge the ups. The downs are just as necessary.

Find peace with how you look. This one’s typical for women (all though man can suffer from insecurities with their appearance too of course). But the pressure for us women is real. We are living in a world of Photoshop, botox and Kim Kardashians. Yes, that’s quite a challenge. We can try our hardest to look flawless, but what is perfection anyway? Will you ever stop trying to create this unreal image? Probably not. It’s something that will absorb you and it will never end. Make your boobs bigger and then you’ll start thinking your face needs a lift, and then you’ll think about having liposuction, and on and on. Instead of focusing on your “flaws”, focus on your qualities. We all have qualities that make us special. Maybe you have beautiful eyes, or beautiful hair. Name it. That’s what counts when you look in the mirror. Focus on those qualities and highlight them. If you have beautiful eyes, you might as well try a smokey eye to make them pop out even more. Invest in beauty products that fit your skin and body type. Invest in clothing that flatters your figure.

Being happy with who you are starts with embracing what makes you different from others instead of trying to be like the others.

Want to feel inspired to do the same? Stay tuned on my Instagram @outfitvandedagblog, which serves as an inspirational board for all ladies to stay true to who you are and be the BEST you! It ain’t impossible at all!

How are you dealing with self confidence? Let’s support each other, share your tips in the comment box below.

August Instabreak


Hi readers,

Today I’ll be sharing my latest Instagram posts with you! If you’re not a follower yet, don’t hestitate: follow me.

July was a month filled with a lot of work and all though august will bring me a pretty tight schedule too, it will be more relaxing for me since sales are over right now. I had the pleasure to see my grandma again after 4 weeks, I was beyond delighted. I also adjusted my style a little bit, couldn’t say goodbye to that rock chick inside of me so I decided to wear my leather jacket and all stars again – lol.

I hope august will bring me even more joy and happiness, but I am certainly on my way to create the life I always wanted. It’s been two months since I moved out at my mom’s place and it was very natural for me to settle down at my own apartment. I was lucky to feel at home immediately and I really love the fact that I get to make my own decisions and have responsibility. It’s given me more confidence and strength. Right now I feel like I’m ready for the next step: a pet. Yeah, really! I’m going to buy a rabbit. I could use some company after work and a fluffly pet would be perfect to cuddle in the sofa at night. I have all the preparations ready and I’ll keep you guys updated. I already have a name for her (yes, it’ll be a girl): Fleur. Of course she’ll spam my Instagram. So if you’re a rabbit fan, you definitely need to follow me!

Make your Insta grow: tips and tricks


With over a 2.4K followers, I’ve spend a lot of time investing on my social media platform Instagram and I’m still learning to develop my growing skills. Instagram is besides Facebook and Snapchat one of the most popular social media tools these days, so having a blog without an Insta is like having a burger without fries – it’s just not an option.

Lately I’ve been busy doing a lot of research so I could create a smart and effective plan on how to grow that 2K into a nice, attractive and ambitious 5K. Because yes, everything starts with a goal and nothing is impossible as long you have the will and the strength to work hard for it. That 3K extra won’t appear from itself, and hell no, I ain’t gonna pay a dime to have that number increased (some people really do that shit apparently).

Because I’m not the selfish type, I will share my research with you guys. Growing on my own isn’t as fun as growing together, right? So let’s check my findings.

  • Post frequently

Once a day, use the Previous app (free tool) to schedule your posts. You can make a week schedule, of course don’t forget to stay spontaneous too! People are curious, they love to know what you’re up to at this exact moment – so don’t post stuff that’s not relevant anymore, unless it’s a throwback thursday post, then it’s allowed to have that nice reunion with friends you had ages ago posted again.

  • Socialize: like, comment, follow yourself


The balance of life: give and take. You can’t expect people to like your pictures if you don’t give them anything back. You’re not Kim Kardashian (be happy about that), who’s known all over the world. You’re not known, so let your voice be heard. Speak up, socialize and get active.

  • Use popular hashtags

Most common hashtags: #love #instagood #instadaily #girl #me #followforfollow #f4f #l4l #likeforlike #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #tbt #followme #happy

Make sure to stay updated on this (find all hashtags on Top-Hashtags), and also don’t hashtag just to hashtag, make sure it has a link with what you’re sharing otherwise it’s just an attention call.

  • Do the follow – unfollow trick, but play the game wise

giphy (1)

Don’t be that asshole that’s just following EVERYONE like crazy, to unfollow them one week later and repeating the whole process a thousand times. That’s just being mean. What might be interesting is to follow accounts that post about the same themes as your account (for instance, in my case fashion and beauty). When they follow back, great, then you can socialize. If they don’t follow you back, don’t waste your time and unfollow them. That’s how you play the follow – unfollow game in a healthy way. Unfollowing your unfollowers can be done easily with the Unfollow All application.

What’s the most effective way on getting a follow back? Here are some statistics I got from Shopify:

  1. Follow: 14% followback
  2. Follow + Like: 22% followback
  3. Follow + Like + Comment: 34% followback

Interesting numbers, right? So it’s best to choose the last step. It demands more time, but you’ll have more followers in the end so it’ll be worth it.

  • Build a loyal audience and stay authentic

Creating a fake image is often very tempting, most people intend to use social media as an escape. But remember to stay true to who you are. Build an audience that could be your friends in real life. Remember to stay patient and don’t get discouraged when you’re not getting response immediately. Growing your Insta takes time, especially when you want to achieve a high follower rating for free. Just try your hardest and you’ll get there. If not today, then tomorrow.

You want more tips and tricks on how to grow your blog and its social media? Let me know, I’ve been writing a Blog Guide a while ago and I’m thinking about sharing it.

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