Fashion: Pregnancy Outfit Ideas for Fall/Winter Season

Hi readers,

Today’s post will include some great outfit ideas for pregnant women during the fall winter season. For me it’s a challenge finding fashion that’ll keep the balance between comfort and elegance. So I’ve been looking around on Pinterest and I’ve saved some of my favorites, which I will share with you in this blogpost. Click on the images to make them larger.

If you have any tips considering pregancy fashion, please share them in the comment form below. Thank you for your attention, see you next time ❤

OOTD: Welcome autumn!


Hello sweeties,

This week autumn has made his entrance with a lot, like really a lot, of rain! Good for the farmers, for us a little bit less fun. Don’t misunderstand me, I loooove autumn season! It’s my favorite. Because when the weather’s crap outside, you can come home and switch from your rainy clothes to your cosy pyjamas and grab your blanket. I absolutely love the home-feeling you get when it’s autumn and winter season, that’s something I miss for instance during the summer season.

So today was another rainy day. I concluded for myself to leave the comfy jeggings behind and go for something more dressed up. As you could read in my latest post, I was lately not feeling very well and I was only going for comfort clothes. It made me feel bad about myself, like unconfident. But again, like I mentioned in my latest post, it’s all completely normal. I am not feeling well, the first months of pregnancy are very heavy and whenever someone feels sick they don’t feel like dressing up in high heels and tight dresses. Anyways it’s not like I did that before lol, but somehow today I planned that I’d go for a feminine and high heeled look. A look that won’t scream: COMFORTTTTT. Y’all know what I mean.

And I did my makeup as well to fit the image I was going for. I went for a subtle smokey eye with eyeliner, not much difference from my work makeup look, but just a little more smokey eyeshadow blend than I do normally. Secondly, I went for a dress. A tight dress. Nothing fancy – a dress I got from a friend of my mom. Today I was really not even wearing my own clothes, lol, I just got them from friends 😀 Like the long dark blue cardigan (okay, that was my only comfort choice today, guilty) I got from my collegue from work. I even wore panties, but of course I had to throw them away at the end of the day because they were already with holes on my toes – classical women issue. I picked my taupe cowboy style boots (also a gift, lol, from my mom) to finish the outfit.

Foto 23-09-18 11 41 38Foto 23-09-18 11 42 33Foto 23-09-18 11 45 01Foto 23-09-18 11 46 19Foto 23-09-18 11 47 16Foto 23-09-18 11 48 44Foto 23-09-18 11 50 59Foto 23-09-18 11 51 42Foto 23-09-18 11 53 30

What I was wearing:

  • CARDIGAN: In Wear, from my collegue ❤
  • DRESS: Pianura Studio, from a friend of my mom’s ❤
  • BOOTS: Sac d’Anvers old collection, from my mom ❤
  • Bag: Bought it once from Wish, cutest bag ever
  • Earrings: Zalando
  • Watch: Gift from Yves Rocher 😀
    • Makeup look: L’Oréal BB cream, Eyeshadow palette from I Heart Makeup Chocolat, Bourjois Eyeliner, Essence Lash Princess Mascara (all time favorite) & Lottie eyebrow pencil.

I like the combination, it’s not trend sensitive, it’s just a look that will always work. Whether you’re a grown-up woman, a mom-to-be or already a mommy. Whether you go for drinks or for a casual dinner. This look fits every women, that’s why I like it. And to be honest, it really isn’t so uncomfortable as it looks. I understand now why pregnant women like dresses. I guess I’ll be one of the dresses-types when I have a full belly. I have some other great news, since yesterday my belly popped out 😀 I notice a difference, even someone who’ll see my belly for the first time will notice that it isn’t flat. I’m almost 9 weeks now (Tuesday will be the start of my 9th week). It’s very quick and I’m quite surprised I notice it so fast but I read online that it’s different for every woman. Some won’t even notice a belly after 5 months, others will see it immediately.

Foto 23-09-18 11 49 46

Today my man and I went to a fries house or a chip cafetaria (however you call it in English, it’s a typical dining place in Belgium). The place belongs to the uncle of my boyfriend, and we had a blast. We ate good food and had great company, my boyfriend’s mom was there too. It was a lovely afternoon.

Hope you’ll enjoy this look ladies. Feel free to join the conversation in the comment form below. Thank you for your attention and I’ll see you next time. Don’t forget to check us on social media, I’d love to be friends!

OOTD: Comfort first, a new phase

Foto 18-09-18 21 20 47

Hi readers,

Today’s post contains a casual comfy outfit I wore last week. Nothing spectacular really, because lately I just go for easy clothes. I’m about two months pregnant now, and even though my belly hasn’t grown much (like only I can notice a difference), I don’t have the energy or time to dress up or even wear makeup in my free time. Y’all know I’m crazy about fashion (and please don’t be scared, that hasn’t changed), but these days all I crave for are hoodies, sneakers, sweatpants and cardigans. I feel sorry for my boyfriend, I bet he’s missing the girl who was taking hours to get ready… But of course he understands. I think it’s all completely normal.

Foto 18-09-18 21 21 21

It’s not easy noticing your body’s changing. It’s not just your belly growing, it’s everything. Your whole world. Like there’s not one second of the day that I don’t think about my baby. My body feels different and my mind too, it’s like you’re a different person. I must say I haven’t felt ever this feminine before, it’s a first. I’m wondering if I will ever be the girl again before my pregnancy. Today I was looking outside the windows at work and I saw 3 women walking around with their babies in their buggys and I was thinking: my god, this will be my future. I’m going to be a mother. My boyfriend and I will enter this new world of parenthood. It’s really exciting.

Foto 18-09-18 21 22 18

I’m actually quite happy to have my blog to write about pregnancy. I have started writing a diary for my little one (a brilliant idea from my best friend – she deserves credit for it!) and I feel like this connects me more to him or her. It will be nice to give it to him or her when he or she grows up ❤

Thanks for your attention! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box.

Sunday Tea Break: Talking about pregnancy…

Hi readers,

You probably guessed it from the title: I am pregnant! My boyfriend and I are over the moon and very excited to start this new chapter in our lives. So for all those women who wonder how it feels to be pregnant: it’s a real rollercoaster! I am very happy of course, every day I fantasize about this small little human growing inside my belly. Dreaming about his or her looks, what he or she will be when he or she grows up. However I am proud, proud to take this new role in the future as mommy. I think it’ll fit me very well.

Currently I am in my seventh week. That means: early. More specifically: HORMONES. This are quite a challenge to deal with. To make things clear, here is a graphic which shows the level of HCG, estorgens and progesterone in the blood during the total 40 weeks of pregnancy.

hormones pregnancypregnancy-hormones-cartoon

You can imagine being an absolute bitch during the first weeks (guilty). HCG is the cause of this. You’ll never have this high level of hormones ever in your life, so your body will respond to it in many different ways. You’ll feel different as well. Of course you have the obvious changes: not getting your period, feeling nauseous, headaches, your boobs are big, tired as you just ran a marathon, back pain, swollen belly and a lot of bathroom visits… But there are also other things you will notice. Some women will experience symptoms harder than others, some women won’t even notice they’re pregnant (lucky bastards)! I thought at first I was with the lucky few, but now I notice definitely the typical symptoms and more extra’s: my hair’s an absolute mess (always greasy and itchy and ugh.), my skin’s filled with an overload of acne (my T-zone, my shoulders, my back) and my lips are dry. Anyone having this too? What I read on the internet is that it’s all connected with the high HCG level in your blood and that it’ll disappear once that level has been normalized. Let’s pray!


For the upcoming time I’ll post not as much as I used too, because I don’t have the energy unfortunately. But I’ll definitely keep blogging, adding this motherhood theme to OutfitVanDeDagBlog as well. Stay tuned, maybe you’re in this situation too (or planning to be) and then it’s always great to have each others back and support each other during this time!

Thank you for your attention,