OOTD: Beige leather jacket & High top sneakers

Foto 26-08-18 09 23 40

Hi lovely readers,

Today’s outfit contains a lot of beige. It’s a color I absolutely love lately, maybe because it’s easy to combine or just because it’s a soft and warm color I don’t know really. I used to have this amazing beige leather jacket over 3 or 4 summers ago and I’ve worn it until it was completely wasted. I felt so sad when I had to throw it away, it was one of my favourite jackets. Lucky for me, there was a sale in the local thrift store in town. I went there with my mom and grandma a couple of weeks ago and I found this great beige leather jacket. Of course I couldn’t help but buying it. It was on sale and I only paid 1 euro for it! (yup, seriously)

Another item I got was this lovely pair of leather sneakers from Esprit. They are very comfortable and warm. They’re kind of winter style but the weather is so weird lately, people are like wearing summer and winter clothes all together. So I thought I’d wear them anyway. These were only 6 euros. Crazy prices when you buy second hand, it’s wonderful to give these pieces a second life and to have these kind of bargains. Sometimes you don’t find anything, other times you find a whole bucket full of things. It’s just a matter of luck really.

Want to steal this outfit? Very easy. You just grab a navy color t-shirt, combine it with a beige leather jacket, a pair of light denim trousers, your favourite Pliage bag and a pair of neutral colored sneakers.

Foto 26-08-18 09 23 46Foto 26-08-18 09 23 52Foto 26-08-18 09 23 53Foto 26-08-18 09 35 27Foto 26-08-18 09 35 39Foto 26-08-18 09 35 57Foto 26-08-18 09 36 06

By the way, we got ourself a brand new roommate: Elvis! Our newest bunny, she’s absolutely adorable ❤

Foto 26-08-18 12 30 30

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Confidence: Being the best version of you

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Hi readers,

Today’s post will be about the one topic we all have to deal with: confidence. Y’all know, that one thing we always seem to fail in: believing in our own capacities. The famous Obama quote: “Yes we can!” can be a great shout out, but believing it is another story. Can you be confident?

I believe it’s about being the best version of you.

That’s the essential thought, basically. The question is: how? How can you be the best version of you? By taking care of yourself with love. Loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you are now, that’s just the start. You are fine how you are now, it’s not about getting a reward at the end of the road, you’re already getting that reward now. It’s time to stop pushing yourself to the limit. You’re okay. More than okay. And it’s just a matter of improving your capacities.

You have received this amazing body from God or whoever is behind our existence (whatever your beliefs are). Treat that body with kindness and respect. Do not let it starve to be skinny, do not let it down by being unhygienic and do not damage it in any way. You have this wonderful gift of nature, spoil it with love. Give yourself a body scrub, massage it with body cream, make it look beautiful. Feeling beautiful starts with a lovely me time moment in the bathroom. Not only the outside needs love, your body needs to have enough vitamins so you get energized during the day. Choose healthy alternatives and stay fit, pamper your stomach and skin with the best fruits and veggies you can find.

Every person has his own qualities. Maybe you’re really good at sports, or maybe you have a very creative mind. Don’t waste your talents, but develop your full potential – because you deserve to be heard and seen by others! Don’t you think great talents like Van Gogh had their moments of weakness? Moments when they thought they were worthless, moments that they thought their work wasn’t special at all. Of course! That’s just your insecurity speaking. Even when you think you failed, failure doesn’t equalize giving up. You still have a choice, and the right choice is to try again. When you do something with your heart, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Life’s all about ups and downs. If we didn’t have the downs, we wouldn’t appreciate or acknowledge the ups. The downs are just as necessary.

Find peace with how you look. This one’s typical for women (all though man can suffer from insecurities with their appearance too of course). But the pressure for us women is real. We are living in a world of Photoshop, botox and Kim Kardashians. Yes, that’s quite a challenge. We can try our hardest to look flawless, but what is perfection anyway? Will you ever stop trying to create this unreal image? Probably not. It’s something that will absorb you and it will never end. Make your boobs bigger and then you’ll start thinking your face needs a lift, and then you’ll think about having liposuction, and on and on. Instead of focusing on your “flaws”, focus on your qualities. We all have qualities that make us special. Maybe you have beautiful eyes, or beautiful hair. Name it. That’s what counts when you look in the mirror. Focus on those qualities and highlight them. If you have beautiful eyes, you might as well try a smokey eye to make them pop out even more. Invest in beauty products that fit your skin and body type. Invest in clothing that flatters your figure.

Being happy with who you are starts with embracing what makes you different from others instead of trying to be like the others.

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How are you dealing with self confidence? Let’s support each other, share your tips in the comment box below.

OOTD: striped jumpsuit

Hi readers 👋🏻

I hope you’re all having a wonderful sunday evening, enjoying the great weather ☀️

Today I’m wearing a brand new jumpsuit, which I bought on my trip to Blankenberge with my bf. It’s from a local store on the beach and I only paid 10 euros for it. Such a great buy! I am very happy I bought it. I had my eye on striped trousers and jumpsuits for a while now, it’s a very popular trend. Now I found my ultimate relaxed summer piece. I love the light fabric and the zipper closure on the front.

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Foto 22-04-18 11 04 32_preview

Jumsuit – Local store
Bag – Longchamp
Shoes – Eram
Sunglasses – Local store

Wishing you all a lovely sunday!


OOTD en beauty mash up

Hi lezers 👋🏻

Lig maar lekker languit op de sofa, vergeet je kop koffie niet, en hupla: get ready voor een OOTD en beauty mash up! Alle outfits en make-up looks van einde maart tot april 👊🏻 Let’s go people!

Nepleren cardigan met nepbont – Lokale shop (koopje voor € 9!)

Ketting – Everything5Pounds

Zwarte basic shirt – H&M

Gerafelde ripped jeans – The Sting

Schoenen – Vans

Tas – Longchamp

Make-up: L’Oréal en Max Factor

Lips: Catrice Voluminizing Lip Gloss Booster, nieuw koopje 💋

Nepleren bordeaux jasje – Bershka

Truitje – H&M

Jeans – Primark

Schoenen – Bershka

Tas – Longchamp


Eyeliner – L’Oréal liquid eyeliner

Oogschaduw – Max Factor palet

Mascara – Essence Lash Princess

Wenkbrauwen – Lottie wenkbrauwpotlood

Vest – See by Chloë

Sjaaltje – Lokale shop

Jas – Hollister

Tas – Longchamp

Schoenen – Nike

Haarstijl ideetjes:

  • Romantisch: voorste plukken gedraaid en vanachter bijeen met een speldje, voor een extra mooi effect geef je haren wat krul met de krultang
  • Omgedraaide staart: maak een staartje en steek je haar nog een keer naar binnen
  • Dotje met donut

Ideaal voor als je weinig tijd hebt ’s morgens! 💁🏻‍♀️

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Aprils Mood Board

Hi dear readers 🙌🏻

I’m going to introduce a brand new topic on my blog: Mood Boards. Mood boards are known as inspirational boards concluding a specific theme that connects the images, creating a unique atmosphere.

During April, my new flat was the most memorable item of course. Let’s see what moments are worth sharing.

Fashionlover as I am, I spoiled myself with a new bag: Le Pliage Neo in silver, made by Longchamp. I also did several outfit combinations I am planning to share with you loves. For my nails, I used the Sally Hansen 190 Blushed Petal, with a finishing gel coat from Essence. I gave my hair a lovely summer look with L’Oréal highlights.

I love good food. Though I’m not the greatest cook on the planet (my bf can confirm that 🙈), my mac and cheese this month was to die for. I love the fact that I have an oven right now, makes cooking much easier and gives me more options. 4th of April was my bf’s birthday, so I spoiled him with a romantic breakfast. Furthermore, April was filled with coffee☕️ and Desperate Housewives.

Last but not least, LadyFien did enjoy the first sunshine on our terrace 🐰☀️

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