I Am The New Brand Ambassador of La VennΓ© & La Roche-Posay!

Hello dear readers, I’m very happy to announce some new collaborations coming up on my blog, which means new products to test and review! Y’all know I’m all into fashion and beauty. Well these products can be categorized in the accessory and beauty department. Marble Necklace Simple Bar Earrings My first collab will be with…… Lees verder I Am The New Brand Ambassador of La VennΓ© & La Roche-Posay!

Sales Shopping: New Finds from Mango

Hello dear readers, Thank you for visiting my blog, glad to have you here joining the conversation! As you all may know, we are having sales season now in Belgium. You probably remember me sharing my monthly favorite: the mint colored Mango wallet I got from my boyfriend. It’s really my favorite wallet, because the…… Lees verder Sales Shopping: New Finds from Mango

New in: Amazone & Pliage Club

Hello readers, So today’s post will be about my new buys, let’s just say I spoiled myself a couple of weeks ago. I actually got really spoiled this month, because my boyfriend has also been treating me like some sort of princess lately – I’m beyond lucky. So I went to Brussels to the Longchamp…… Lees verder New in: Amazone & Pliage Club

Brand Obsession: Ted Baker

Dag lezers, Vandaag ga ik het hebben over het merk Ted Baker, een merk dat gekend is om zijn superschattige shopping bags en trendy iPhone cases. De oprichter is Ray Kelvin, een man die al jaren actief is in de retail & sales business, meerbepaald mannenkleding. De hoofdvestiging van Ted Baker bevindt zich in Londen…… Lees verder Brand Obsession: Ted Baker