Current beauty product obsessions: 5 products you must try


Hi readers,

As you all know I am a beauty lover. Besides fashion, beauty is another great passion of mine and I love to try out new products. Of course I have my own routine but I do try to change a bit once in a while to improve my looks. If you’re interested in my work makeup routine, don’t hesitate to read about it. If you want you can share yours too, together we learn!

These babies are currently my new obsessions:


L’Oréal True Match Powder

I do like the texture and the lightness of this powder. L’Oréal will always be my first choice when it comes to foundations, bb creams or powders. It’s non comedogenic, which means it doesn’t harm the skin and it has been dermatologically tested. Get yours here – now only 8,99 euros!


If you’re pale just like me, go for the coral shade. I wear it on my cheeks and my lips as well and it makes that typical “ghost” effect disappear (you know, when you’re so pale you look like dead – yeah, I suffer from that). This product is cheap, based on natural ingredients and good quality. What’s more to ask? Get yours here, only 6 euros!

Playboy “Play it lovely” Deodorant

This is by far my favorite deodorant. I’ve had perfume before from Playboy and they have an amazing scent. It’s very feminine and floral like, I absolutely love it. According to Fragantica “Play it lovely” is the ideal frangance for a daily flirt filled with wonderful, playful innocent notes. Get 3 bottles of perfume of this series for only 40 euros.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara

This mascara is according to me the best mascara ever! It has no competition. I have tried all the popular mascara’s by Maybelline, L’Oréal, name it – I have bought it. Still, I stick to my Lash Princess by Essence. If you haven’t tried it yet, get yours here.
Batiste Dry Shampoo for Brunettes

With my greasy hair, a dry shampoo is no luxury. Batiste is a good brand, they are well known for their dry shampoos. The good thing about the brand is, is that they also have one especially for brunettes. Which excludes the typical “white hair” effect because of the brown color. Make sure you don’t spray it on your clothes, keep them protected. Get yours here.

I’ve told you my personal beauty favorites. But I’m sure you have favorites of your own, why not share them in the comment box

Me time: the best care products for skin and hair

me time

Hi readers,

As a woman (and also for men!), it is absolutely necessary to take care of your appearance. We have extremely high expectations in society. Being skinny, having a healthy and glowy matte skin, having long gorgeous hair, … Of course it’s not possible to be perfect all the time. We all have those days when we don’t feel like doing the whole package, but just sticking to the necessities. We’re not robots. But I do believe that a me time moment once a week can make you feel more beautiful and happier inside and out. Taking care of yourself is a ritual where you get to spoil you, where you get to have that feeling of: I am important and worthy. That’s why I am very much into this on my blog, because I believe that every woman should have her own me time moment in the bathroom. Whether it’s a long bath or a whole skin care ritual – whatever makes you feel good about yourself. It can make a difference.

Today I’ll be sharing my product list with you. These work for me perfectly, but of course I also think that you should choose products that fit your hair and skin type. So I don’t guarantee that these will have the same mindblowing effect on you as on me. But maybe if you also suffer from a mixed dry and greasy, acne sensitive skin and very dry frizzy and easily breakable hair, then maybe you can try the same products as me.

I put attention to different things:

  • My hair: Garnier Ultra Doux Mythische Olijven (Olive) Caring Cream
  • My face: Freeman Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask, Castor Oil + New Look Gradual Glow Tanning Lotion
  • My body: Nivea + New Look Instant Tan Bronzing Gel Light to Medium, Avène Clearance Hydra Comforting Cream
  • My feet: Yves Rocher Foot Deodorant Cream Lavender + Mint

I also ordered an Instant and Pain Free Hair Remover from Wish, because I really had enough with shaving constantly (my skin was really getting irritated and started bleeding every time). It really works! I’m so happy I tried it, really.

So whenever I feel like having a me time moment, I try to do the full package. Taking care of everything. My hair, my skin, … like a little makeover. It makes me feel fresh.

Beauty: Efolar Concealer Review

Hi readers,

About a month ago I ordered a concealer 2-in-1 from Efolar via the Wish application. I paid only 2 euros for the product delivery included, so my expectations were not that high (I just wanted to give it a try). Today I will be sharing my thoughts with you about this product, because the results are beyond amazing!

First I’ll describe the product. It’s a 2-in-1 concealer, liquid and a stick (as they call it, the beautiful concealer). The description at the back says it’s a moisturizing concealer pen, adopts a double combination. The upper part is the concealer pen and the lower part is the concealer. It has a soft texture and it’s a delicate but effective cover for spots. Perfect for people who suffer from acne. It’s not greasy and makes the skin bright.

Okay, so now I will give you my opinion about it. I also took some before and after pictures so you can see the results. I put the concealer on my bear face. My face imperfections are: dark circles below my eyes, acne scars on my chin and redness. This product did exactly what it promised, my skin looks fresh in a natural way! I absolutely love it. My redness is gone, my skin feels smooth, I look more awake… For only 2 euros!

Score: 10/10

I am definitely going to buy this product again without doubt.

Zaful Wishlist Lace long sleeve bodysuit


Hi readers,

So here I am again, bragging about Zaful! Now they also have lace long sleeve bodysuits available on their online store, definitely worth to check out. Bodysuits are lately very much seen in the fashion industry, and they make a beautiful combination with high waist jeans. Today I’ll be sharing another wishlist with you dear readers, don’t forget to share/like/respond.

  • Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blenders


I have a LOT of makeup (way too much, it’s a shame, really) but a lack of brushes. So tbh, most of my makeup I apply with my hands, like for instance eyeshadow and foundation. It’s a bit silly, I know. Zaful offers good quality brushes at great prices.


Every girl loves jewelry. I absolutely love this 3 piece necklace. It looks so expensive!


Another lovely 3 piece layered necklace, I am a huge fan of chokers! This one has a sort of rockchick vibe, which fits my style perfectly. Especially the velvet detail is gorgeous!


Wearing a lot of rings is very on trend right now. I actually never wear rings, but I want to give it a try. I’m not sure if I’m going to wear them all together, because it might be too much. I’ll see but I really like them!


A girl can never have enough bracelets. I love the colors of this one, the soft pastel blue faux leather with gems with a silver finishing.

Shopping: Mijn Action Haul!

Hey lezers,

Ik raakte geïnspireerd door Chelesta De Haas om eens langs de Action te gaan voor make-up spulletjes (thanks, meid!). Bij deze deel ik mijn haul met jullie. Ik was in totaal amper € 16 kwijt! Niet veel voor wat schaamteloze me time in de badkamer, toch?


Wie kent ze niet: zwarte puntjes. Nu is mijn huid fel verbeterd sinds ik een acné behandeling onderging en in feite heb ik geen pukkeltjes of zwarte puntjes meer (jawel, binnenkort post ik alles over mijn skin care routine!). Niettemin vind ik het altijd wel interessant om de T zone regelmatig te reinigen. Ik doe immers iedere dag een laag foundation op en ik zou niet willen dat mijn poriën verstopt geraken!


Om eens een lekker beauty verwen momentje te hebben kocht ik een gezichtsmasker van Kneipp. Dode zeezout heeft tevens een reinigende werking en is kalmerend voor de huid. Een wimperkruller had ik gewoon nodig, de mijne was zo versleten als wat LOL.


Ik heb in principe al een highlighter stick (guilty), dus ik hoefde deze helemaal niet te kopen. Maar hé, een onschuldige verslaving toch? Trouwens deze heeft een heel andere tint! (excuus #100) Verder een primer, dat had ik nog niet. Action heeft verschillende soorten primers zelfs. Ik koos voor een corrigerende variant, eentje die de roodheid tegengaat. Ik ben bleek van nature waardoor ik snel rode vlekken heb – afschuwelijk. Om mijn huid mooi effen te krijgen wil ik graag een basis nog onder mijn foundation, op die manier blijft alles ook mooi zitten gedurende de dag.


Oké, ik heb lichtelijk overdreven hier – 3 lippenbalsems! LOL Ik heb hier eigenlijk weinig over te zeggen buiten het feit dat ik wel degelijk een lippenbalsem nodig had. En ja, Pepsi en Cola vind ik allebei lekker dus waarom kiezen? Ook heeft Action een geweldige rip off van de Eos lippenbalsems haha!


Voor als de stick z’n werk niet goed doet, weet je wel. Veel verschillende tintjes, dus super leuk om een keer uit te proberen!


Nou, ik wou gewoon ieder pallet dat er beschikbaar was haha! Dus verwacht je binnenkort maar aan een hele hoop makeup looks en reviews! Jippie!