OOTD: Beige leather jacket & High top sneakers

Foto 26-08-18 09 23 40

Hi lovely readers,

Today’s outfit contains a lot of beige. It’s a color I absolutely love lately, maybe because it’s easy to combine or just because it’s a soft and warm color I don’t know really. I used to have this amazing beige leather jacket over 3 or 4 summers ago and I’ve worn it until it was completely wasted. I felt so sad when I had to throw it away, it was one of my favourite jackets. Lucky for me, there was a sale in the local thrift store in town. I went there with my mom and grandma a couple of weeks ago and I found this great beige leather jacket. Of course I couldn’t help but buying it. It was on sale and I only paid 1 euro for it! (yup, seriously)

Another item I got was this lovely pair of leather sneakers from Esprit. They are very comfortable and warm. They’re kind of winter style but the weather is so weird lately, people are like wearing summer and winter clothes all together. So I thought I’d wear them anyway. These were only 6 euros. Crazy prices when you buy second hand, it’s wonderful to give these pieces a second life and to have these kind of bargains. Sometimes you don’t find anything, other times you find a whole bucket full of things. It’s just a matter of luck really.

Want to steal this outfit? Very easy. You just grab a navy color t-shirt, combine it with a beige leather jacket, a pair of light denim trousers, your favourite Pliage bag and a pair of neutral colored sneakers.

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By the way, we got ourself a brand new roommate: Elvis! Our newest bunny, she’s absolutely adorable ❤

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OOTD: casual off day

Hey lieverds,

Gisteren was het een officiële feestdag en dus had ik mijn dagje vrij. Tijd voor een outfit dus. Ik koos voor iets comfortabel, maar tijdloos elegant. Een sweater vind ik ideaal met dit weer, niet te warm en niet te koud. Dit combineerde ik met een skinny jeans en glanzende rosé ballerina’s. Het roze liet ik terugkomen in een los vallend sjaaltje met pailletjes. De items kocht ik bij Takko, zie mijn Shoplog van een aantal dagen geleden 🌸💕

Sweater, sjaaltje – Takko

Broek – American Outfitters

Ballerina’s – H&M

Tas – Longchamp

Horloge – Lokale shop

Gsm hoesje – H&M

Make-up look

Holiday Shopping: OOTD, thrift shops and lovely company of my mom

2017-12-20_17.20.59 (1)

Hi sweeties,

Today was my day off, and damn did I enjoy it! I went to Desiré De Lille, a local restaurant in the center of Antwerp where they sell waffles, ice cream and more sweet guilty pleasures. My mom and I planned a day together to have some quality time, chatting and babbling about everything while taking time to eat and shop. A perfect combination. After we went to the restaurant and enjoyed our food, we went for shopping. Off course thrift shopping was part of the plan and we found some great new items. Let me share this trip with you guys.


Outfit details:

Jacket – New Look
Cardigan – H&M
Blouse – Local shop
Skirt – H&M
Boots – H&M
Bag – Longchamp (brand new bag!)


It was delicious!


New bag I got from Wish for the holidays.


New eyeshadow shades 🙂


New jacket from Object at the thrift store. Love it, keeps me warm during the cold season.


Happy holidays

FASHION: Steal my outfit!

Schermafdruk 2017-12-14 22.45.33

Like and check where to buy the items of this look!

In my latest look I combined a woolen cardigan with a pair of dark high waist jeans with studs. As for the shoes I’ve chosen black Vans to keep things casual and comfy, just the way I like. I was wearing my favorite bag of the moment, a wonderful practical shopper from Primark with different sections to organize. Right now it’s very much on trend to personalize your bag with key rings and straps. I bought a powder colored pompom key ring from H&M, which I absolutely love for all my bags. It adds a personal touch. I hope you like this outfit as much as I do! Get inspired.

OOTD: new items from H&M and Primark

Hi dear readers,

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written a blogpost. I’ve been working 6 days a week now, and I don’t have much time left to invest in my blog. The holidays is off course a very busy period for sales workers. But today I took the time to create a brand new outfit inspired by todays trends and I wore some new items I bought lately at Primark and H&M. I’m very excited to share these updates with you! I hope you guys are having a blast planning your christmas outfits!

What I wore today:

Jacket – 2ndhand store
Top – Action
Shoes – Vans

Go for a sophisticated Parisienne look, H&M has silk scarfs in their collection at stunning prizes. Wear them around the neck or use it to accessorize your bag, a silk scarf is something every woman should have in her closet.

Zijden sjaal met bloemendessin Model  Zijden sjaal met bloemendessin Model
€ 29,99                                    € 49,99