Full makeup look tutorial

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Hi ladies,

Today’s look is a full make-up look, it contains the full package: foundation, liquid & pencil eyeliner, smokey eyeshadow, mascara, highlighter & lipgloss. This look is perfect for going out or just to add some sparkle to your free time like I did today 😉

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Here’s a list of the products I’ve used (left to right, up and down):

  • Yves Rocher Kohl Pencil Black (Yves Rocher)
  • Lottie Arch Rival Shape & Highlight Pencil (Kruidvat)
  • Yves Rocher Radiant Lip Crayon Mauve Tendre (Yves Rocher)
  • PS Double Dimension Highlighter Powder (Primark)
  • Essence How To Make Smokey Eyes Make-up Box (Kruidvat)
  • Essence Lash Princess Mascara Volume (Kruidvat)
  • Bourjois Paris Liner Pinceau 16H Liquid Eyeliner – Brown (Kruidvat)
  • Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation Medium Sandstone 60 SPF 10 (Action)

Step by step guide

First of all we start by putting on foundation as a base. Then I start creating my eyeshadow look. At first I apply the lightest nude shade of the Essence How To Make Smokey Eyes Make-up Box. I’ve chosen the brown eyeshadow look. Then I apply the middle color, a warm light brown caramel shade. At the corner of my eyelid, I use the darkest color to create depth. A little more blending and now I’m having my smokey eye.

Then I finish things up with eyeliner. For the upper eyelid, I use the Bourjois Paris Liquid Liner Pinceau. I create a winged cat eye to reform the shape of my eyes. For my lower eyelid I use the Yves Rocher Kohl Pencil. As for the finishing touch, I use the Essence Lash Princess Mascara. My eyelook is now done 🙂

Furthermore I define my eyebrows with the Lottie Arch Rival Shape & Highlight Pencil. I put the PS Double Dimension Highlighter Powder on my cheekbones to add some glitter to the look. I bought it at Primark for just € 1 in sale, it’s a nice way to make your make-up look even more glamorous. For my lips I use the Yves Rocher Radiant Lip Crayon Mauve Tendre, just a nice soft shade so it doesn’t take away the attention from my eyes.

Foto 21-07-18 11 00 39_previewFoto 21-07-18 11 01 07_preview

I also bought a cheap bag at Primark for travelling, since I’ve been thinking I don’t want to bring my most expensive Longchamp bags because of the risk of stealing. I found this gorgeous square shaped shoulder bag in a lovely nude pink shade. Kind of like a Gucci rip off which I’m absolutely fond of (the Gucci Soho bag, absolutely to die for).

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Are you traveling abroad this summer?
I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. See ya next time!

OOTD: red lips & leather

Do not

           try to

                    figure me out.

I am a puzzle

                  with missing pieces.

Foto 10-05-18 12 28 58_previewFoto 10-05-18 12 29 10_previewFoto 10-05-18 16 40 06_preview

Jacket – Local store
Sweater – Takko Fashion
Pants – Peuterey
Boots – Sac d’Anvers
Bag – Longchamp (old collection)

Sometimes it’s fun to be a little bit mysterious. To put on that red lipstick and feel sexy and feminine and bad ass all at the same time. We women are so powerful these days, why not show our strength and confidence? Dare to be different because life’s to short to waste your time being exactly like the others.

May’s Inspiration Board: Rock Chick

Hello readers!

May’s already a fact, and time seems to pass way to quickly! But again, another month means a new chapter. It means letting go of what has been and time to set up new goals. May is a wonderful season, spring’s really in the air and nature blooms. I absolutely love this vibe.

For this months Inspiration Board I got inspired by the rock chick look. Think of: a black overload, Converse sneakers, badass attitude and messy hair. Combine this with your nerdy side, a pair of fancy glasses and your cup of coffee by hand and you have this real no nonsense air all over you. Beauty wise you should definitely go for red lippies and black eyeliner to have a feminine touch. This look will make you a dangerous, mysterious woman, walking around the streets with confidence and pride. Yeah, you’re worth it! You can do anything. Nothing or no one can stop you from living your dream.

For the Belgian readers: enjoy your holiday tomorrow!

Beauty: Intense Smokey Eye Look


Dag lieve lezers,

Vandaag deel ik mijn intense smokey eye look met jullie. Het doel is de focus te leggen op de ogen en een soort mysterieuze uitstraling te creëren door het gebruik van een sterke, strakke eyeliner. Ik koos voor een cleane omlijning door beroep te doen op highlighter. Glitters geven de smokey eye look iets feestelijks, en ook vrouwelijk.

De smokey eye zelf bestaat uit een basislaag van Biocura Eyeshadow, zeer eenvoudig aan te brengen in stiftvorm. In mijn ooghoeken bracht ik een zachtgroene poeder oogschaduw aan van Clinique, tot slot zwart oogschaduwpoeder in de uiterste ooghoeken om die gewenste amandelvorm te creëren.

Mijn vloeibare eyeliner is van Bourjois, maar eerlijk gezegd ben ik er niet erg tevreden van. Hij loopt voortdurend uit. Het is dat ik ‘m zoveel betaald heb, dat ik ‘m nog gebruik, maar ik zou ‘m zeker niet opnieuw aanschaffen (just saying). Maar omdat het een key item is voor deze look heb ik het product mee op de foto gezet. Voor deze look MOET je vloeibare eyeliner gebruiken. Je wilt strakke lijnen die lang blijven. Vergeet ook geen fixing spray te gebruiken als je klaar bent, kwestie van de boel een beetje mooi te houden 😉

Qua highlighting ben ik nog steeds groot fan van het Glow & Highlights Palette van Action. Echt een supergoed palet voor een top prijs, must have voor iedere makeup artist eigenlijk. Op mijn lippen heb ik een matte perzikkleur van Catrice. Het was een limited edition Matt Lip Cream.


Barbie Makeup Tutorial (VLOG)

This weekend I’ve been working on another vlog, this time a Barbie makeup tutorial. Perfect for a ladies night out, or just for fun when you’re feeling girly. Of course, pink smokey eyes and lipstick are included – pink and glitter all the way. I hope you can all enjoy the video, and please leave a comment below. I love reading your thoughts!

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