OOTD: Comfort first, a new phase

Foto 18-09-18 21 20 47

Hi readers,

Today’s post contains a casual comfy outfit I wore last week. Nothing spectacular really, because lately I just go for easy clothes. I’m about two months pregnant now, and even though my belly hasn’t grown much (like only I can notice a difference), I don’t have the energy or time to dress up or even wear makeup in my free time. Y’all know I’m crazy about fashion (and please don’t be scared, that hasn’t changed), but these days all I crave for are hoodies, sneakers, sweatpants and cardigans. I feel sorry for my boyfriend, I bet he’s missing the girl who was taking hours to get ready… But of course he understands. I think it’s all completely normal.

Foto 18-09-18 21 21 21

It’s not easy noticing your body’s changing. It’s not just your belly growing, it’s everything. Your whole world. Like there’s not one second of the day that I don’t think about my baby. My body feels different and my mind too, it’s like you’re a different person. I must say I haven’t felt ever this feminine before, it’s a first. I’m wondering if I will ever be the girl again before my pregnancy. Today I was looking outside the windows at work and I saw 3 women walking around with their babies in their buggys and I was thinking: my god, this will be my future. I’m going to be a mother. My boyfriend and I will enter this new world of parenthood. It’s really exciting.

Foto 18-09-18 21 22 18

I’m actually quite happy to have my blog to write about pregnancy. I have started writing a diary for my little one (a brilliant idea from my best friend – she deserves credit for it!) and I feel like this connects me more to him or her. It will be nice to give it to him or her when he or she grows up ❤

Thanks for your attention! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box.

Fashion: Fall Winter 2018 Trends

Hello readers,

My blog wouldn’t be a fashion blog if I didn’t share the latest trends. For the upcoming season, fall and winter season, there are again some new vibes showing up in fashion world. I don’t like them all to be honest, but of course trends are just a direction which can be interpreted in many ways. Designer pieces offer the right inspiration to translate it into your wardrobe in a more wearable way, a style that fits you and your personality.

For fall winter season 2018 the catwalks show these trends:

  • High boots with fringes

Longchamp FW 2018-2019
  • Plaid pattern on masculine oversized blazers

Gucci FW 2018-2019
  • Animal prints: leopard, zebra, reptile, rawr!

dolce & gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana 2018-2019
  • Adding some height: hello chunky sole sneakers
  • Dark and mysterious: Black leather coats
Hermès FW 2018-2019
  • Light up the winter season with white boots
Givenchy FW 2018-2019
  • Bombastic sporty jackets and layers
Balenciaga FW 2018-2019
  • Fluffy handbags
Dries Van Noten FW 2018-2019

What do you think about these trends? Would you consider adding them to your wardrobe or are you more a classic type, choosing safe with timeless pieces? Share your views in the comment form.

Thank you for your attention!

OOTD: Beige leather jacket & High top sneakers

Foto 26-08-18 09 23 40

Hi lovely readers,

Today’s outfit contains a lot of beige. It’s a color I absolutely love lately, maybe because it’s easy to combine or just because it’s a soft and warm color I don’t know really. I used to have this amazing beige leather jacket over 3 or 4 summers ago and I’ve worn it until it was completely wasted. I felt so sad when I had to throw it away, it was one of my favourite jackets. Lucky for me, there was a sale in the local thrift store in town. I went there with my mom and grandma a couple of weeks ago and I found this great beige leather jacket. Of course I couldn’t help but buying it. It was on sale and I only paid 1 euro for it! (yup, seriously)

Another item I got was this lovely pair of leather sneakers from Esprit. They are very comfortable and warm. They’re kind of winter style but the weather is so weird lately, people are like wearing summer and winter clothes all together. So I thought I’d wear them anyway. These were only 6 euros. Crazy prices when you buy second hand, it’s wonderful to give these pieces a second life and to have these kind of bargains. Sometimes you don’t find anything, other times you find a whole bucket full of things. It’s just a matter of luck really.

Want to steal this outfit? Very easy. You just grab a navy color t-shirt, combine it with a beige leather jacket, a pair of light denim trousers, your favourite Pliage bag and a pair of neutral colored sneakers.

Foto 26-08-18 09 23 46Foto 26-08-18 09 23 52Foto 26-08-18 09 23 53Foto 26-08-18 09 35 27Foto 26-08-18 09 35 39Foto 26-08-18 09 35 57Foto 26-08-18 09 36 06

By the way, we got ourself a brand new roommate: Elvis! Our newest bunny, she’s absolutely adorable ❤

Foto 26-08-18 12 30 30

What do you think about this outfit? Please share your view in the comment form. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @outfitvandedagblog!

Fashion: NewChic White Bohemian Dress, Floral Kimono & Crystal Slippers

Dear readers,

Recently I shared this amazing breaking news from NewChic with you, more specifically the 4th anniversary of this great company. To celebrate this occasion, I had the opportunity to order some items on their website. I’ve chosen a full look, which contains a sexy lace bohemian white mini dress, a floral chiffon kimono vest to spice things up and a pair of sweet crystal open toe slippers – absolutely adorable when you combine these pieces together. It looks girly and cute, with a touch of floral prints and diamond details to add a bit extra to this outfit combination. I am absolutely thrilled to share this experience with you because I am beyond happy with my order

First I’d like to share a bit informaiton with you about NewChic. NewChic is a global brand offering the latest trends at good prices, starting in 2015. They sell fashion items all across the globe, and all that with the best high quality customer service.

Foto 23-08-18 09 55 57

I was so excited when I got this package! 🙂


The shoes are so cute, and they’re comfortable to wear and very trendy. One of the most popular summer trends were bathing slippers, the fancier the better. Tip: if you’re from Europe take one size bigger, they are quite small.

Foto 23-08-18 11 22 35Foto 23-08-18 11 22 40Foto 23-08-18 11 22 52Foto 23-08-18 11 23 01Foto 23-08-18 11 23 17Foto 23-08-18 11 24 03Foto 23-08-18 11 24 26Foto 23-08-18 11 24 35Foto 23-08-18 11 24 58Foto 23-08-18 11 27 18Foto 23-08-18 11 27 36

As for the outfit, here are the details, all the items are available on the website:

If you’re looking for a last minute summer look or planning to go on holiday anytime soon, this look would be perfect. It’s not only trendy, it’s also easygoing and practical for everyday wear. When you go to a dinner you can easily combine it with a clutch and you’re ready to go in style.

Thank you so much for your attention. I hope you enjoyed my review. This post was sponsored and all opinions are my own. It was wonderful collaborating with such a stylish company.

OOTD Fashion Mash-Up: About That Caramel Latte & That Red Jacket…

Dag lieve lezers,

Wat fijn dat jullie mijn blog (nogmaals) bezoeken! Ik wil eerst en vooral een momentje inlassen in deze blogpost waarin ik jullie wens te bedanken voor alle support, likes en follows. Dat betekent echt wel veel voor mij en geeft een extra boost om nog meer content te maken! En feel free to share ideas ❤

Foto 9-08-18 15 15 23

About that caramel latte… Wel ik heb de meest heerlijke caramel latte macchiato gedronken afgelopen donderdag. Beter dan Starbucks (seriously). Place to be is 5 min to Paris, in de Kloosterstraat in Antwerpen. Ze hebben ook een super gezellige achtertuin. Ben je net zo’n übercrazy koffiefanaat als ik? Dan moet je hier zeker eens passeren want het is zo’n leuk adresje.

Foto 9-08-18 18 32 49Foto 9-08-18 18 09 46Foto 9-08-18 18 33 04

Natuurlijk heb ik donderdag meer uitgespookt dan alleen maar latte’s te drinken. Gelukkig maar, anders zou deze post maar snel aan zijn einde komen 😀 Ik vond tevens een prachtige rode trench coat in de Lola & Liza aan een absolute knalprijs. Hij kwam van € 69,95 naar € 21! Maar liefst 70% korting. Dit kon ik echt niet aan me laten voorbijgaan, wetende dat ik toch al een geringe tijd op zoek ben naar dé trenchcoat (lees: Burberry look blijft een topper). Rood vind ik zo’n fantastische, vrouwelijke accentkleur en ik bedacht me dat deze perfect past bij de tas die ik voor mijn verjaardag voor ogen heb 😉 (binnenkort verklap ik meer!). Ik was me er in feite niet echt van bewust dat sommige ketens nog solden geven, maar blijkbaar is dat wel het geval. Het enige wat ik hoefde te doen om de korting te krijgen was nog een tweede artikel erbij nemen, dus koos ik voor een paar leuke oorbelletjes.

Deze blogpost zou geen “OOTD Mashup” heten als er geen outfits bij te pas zouden komen! Hier is wat ik aanhad op de fameuze Caramel Latte Dag:

Foto 9-08-18 12 39 02Foto 9-08-18 12 39 33Foto 9-08-18 12 39 57

What I was wearing:
Cardigan – Lefties (winkel in Spanje, Barcelona)
T-shirt – Inside (winkel in Spanje, Barcelona)
Jeans – American Eagle Outfitters (once sponsored gift for my blog)
Sneakers – vintage Adidas
Scarf – Longchamp
Bag – Longchamp
Watch – Gift from Yves Rocher

Het idee was een casual girl-next-door look. Qua make-up beperkte ik me ook tot een subtiele look. De truc van een girl-next-door look is namelijk eruitzien alsof je een natural beauty bent, het bekende no-makeup effect terwijl je in feite toch wel wat schmink op hebt. De key items van deze look? Een dun laagje mascara, een effen huid met compact poeder en bronze finishing (girl-next-doors zijn altijd bruin), een subtiele eye-liner, nude oogschaduw, een naturel ogend wenkbrauwpotlood en lipgloss.

Wil jij graag een gelijkaardige look creëren? Ontdek gelijkaardige producten in de bijgevoegde collage. GET THE LOOK!

get the look

Wat vinden jullie van deze look? Wat is jullie favoriete adresje voor koffie te drinken? Deel jullie bevindingen in het comment form & vergeet niet te sharen, liken & volgen! ❤
Bedankt voor jullie aandacht, tot de volgende keer!