Blogger @ Work: My Own Blog Room

Hi dear readers, Glad to see you’re visiting my blog! This personal space on the internet has been my favorite thing for many, many years. I can write about what I want, I’m in charge of all the themes and designs and I always challenge myself into taking better photos and taking everything to the…… Lees verder Blogger @ Work: My Own Blog Room

VLOG: The History of Outfit Van De Dag Blog Hello lovely readers, After many years of blogging I came up with the idea of sharing a short video with you guys about how it all started. It’s always nice to know a bit more about why I created this platform. The video gives an overview of OVDD, what the blog stands for and…… Lees verder VLOG: The History of Outfit Van De Dag Blog

2017’s best blogposts on OVVD

Hi lovely readers, Thank you for stopping by. I hadn’t had the time yet to summarize 2017’s best blogposts, so I guess today is the day to make that happen, ain’t I right? If you hadn’t had your daily read yet, prepare yourself for a real throwback. Below only posts in English. Only interested in…… Lees verder 2017’s best blogposts on OVVD

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