Blogger @ Work: My Own Blog Room

Hi dear readers, Glad to see you’re visiting my blog! This personal space on the internet has been my favorite thing for many, many years. I can write about what I want, I’m in charge of all the themes and designs and I always challenge myself into taking better photos and taking everything to the…… Lees verder Blogger @ Work: My Own Blog Room

VLOG: The History of Outfit Van De Dag Blog Hello lovely readers, After many years of blogging I came up with the idea of sharing a short video with you guys about how it all started. It’s always nice to know a bit more about why I created this platform. The video gives an overview of OVDD, what the blog stands for and…… Lees verder VLOG: The History of Outfit Van De Dag Blog

Attention! No more:, right now:

Beste lezers, Zoals jullie misschien al gemerkt hebben is Outfit Van De Dag niet langer te bereiken op het .be adres, dit met een reden. Ik heb via WordPress volgend domein laten aanvragen: Het leek me een beetje verwarrend om beide adressen door elkaar te gebruiken, dus vanaf nu is Outfit Van De Dag…… Lees verder Attention! No more:, right now:

2017’s best blogposts on OVVD

Hi lovely readers, Thank you for stopping by. I hadn’t had the time yet to summarize 2017’s best blogposts, so I guess today is the day to make that happen, ain’t I right? If you hadn’t had your daily read yet, prepare yourself for a real throwback. Below only posts in English. Only interested in…… Lees verder 2017’s best blogposts on OVVD