Steal my style: My choice from SSense

Hi readers, So Polyvore is gone. Bye bye making sets. I was a bit heartbroken about this fact tbh. But okay, let's handpick the items then ourselves instead of making a collage. I guess collages are out of fashion, it's vintage LOL 😀 So now Polyvore is SSense. SSense is an online store which sells … Meer lezen over Steal my style: My choice from SSense

FASHION: Steal my outfit!

Like and check where to buy the items of this look! In my latest look I combined a woolen cardigan with a pair of dark high waist jeans with studs. As for the shoes I've chosen black Vans to keep things casual and comfy, just the way I like. I was wearing my favorite bag … Meer lezen over FASHION: Steal my outfit!