Fashion: Dresslily Wishlist

Hi sweet readers, Unfortunately I’m stuck at home sick. Don’t worry, I’m not infected with the corona virus – it’s just a cold. My voice has such a weird sound right now because of the coughing, it’s ridiculous. At normal circumstances I’d be at work, but the government is so strict that when you suffer…… Lees verder Fashion: Dresslily Wishlist


Hi lovely readers, Today’s post I’m going to share with you a huge mash-up of outfits I’ve worn for the last couple of months. It’s a great summary of my favorite items lately and the trends I love to wear. Feel free to share with us your favorite look 😉 #2019fashionTweet Combination of my plaid…… Lees verder OOTD CHRISTMAS MASH-UP: 2019 Outfits

Fashion: The Ultimate Fall Winter 2019 Trends Summary

Dear sweeties, I have been planning this blogpost like forever and finally I’m getting ready to write it properly! As for every season, I write an overview of the overall seasonal fashion trends you really can’t miss. This time I’m introducing the fall winter trends of 2019. I know it’s crazy to think about winter…… Lees verder Fashion: The Ultimate Fall Winter 2019 Trends Summary

Summer Garderobe Wishlist: 5 Style Items I Wish To Buy For The Summer 2019 Season

Hi lovely readers, In my previous post I shared a wishlist of home decor for our new home, but of course I wouldn’t be a fashion addict if I didn’t have a clothing & shoes wishlist for the summer 2019 season! 😉 {1} A MIDI SKIRT I’d love to join the midi & maxi skirt…… Lees verder Summer Garderobe Wishlist: 5 Style Items I Wish To Buy For The Summer 2019 Season

Fashion: My Style File

Dag lieve lezers, Vandaag deel ik met jullie mijn persoonlijke “Style File”, ofwel een overzicht van de absolute key items in mijn garderobe. Zo’n zogenaamde Style File is niet alleen superleuk om eens te bekijken, maar ook handig voor mezelf! Zo weet ik meteen als ik kastopruim doe welke items ik kan schrappen en welke…… Lees verder Fashion: My Style File

New in: Amazone & Pliage Club

Hello readers, So today’s post will be about my new buys, let’s just say I spoiled myself a couple of weeks ago. I actually got really spoiled this month, because my boyfriend has also been treating me like some sort of princess lately – I’m beyond lucky. So I went to Brussels to the Longchamp…… Lees verder New in: Amazone & Pliage Club

Shoplog: My new buys from Gallery’s

Dag lieve lezers, Onlangs zijn mama en ik samen gaan winkelen. Voor mijn verjaardag heb ik namelijk van mijn nieuwe collega’s een cadeaubon ontvangen van Gallery’s, Ă©Ă©n van mijn favoriete kledingboetieks ❀ Gallery’s is erg trendgericht en ook betaalbaar, wat maakt dat je met een klein budget toch kwalitatief mooie stukken kan kopen. Mijn shopervaring…… Lees verder Shoplog: My new buys from Gallery’s