Christmas: Our Family Gettogether

Dag lieve lezers, Zij die mij volgen op Instagram hebben het vast al gespot, maar wij hebben een superfijne kerst achter de rug! Op kerstavond is mijn mama langs geweest en hebben we een gourmet avondje gehouden, gebruikmakend van het DOMO toestel dat ik toonde in mijn vorige blogpost. Het voordeel van dit diner is … Meer lezen over Christmas: Our Family Gettogether

3 great outfit ideas for the holidays

Hi readers, Finding a great outfit for the holidays isn't that simple. I'm still searching for the perfect look, after a couple of weeks I finally found a dress which I liked! Now I'm still looking for the perfect pair of shoes and a nice clutch. Today I made 3 inspirational sets with Polyvore for … Meer lezen over 3 great outfit ideas for the holidays

My Christmas Wishlist

Hi everyone, Christmas ain't that far away. Days have passed by so quickly lately, since I've been working a day is nothing anymore. It's all over immediately. This month I won't have much time for blogging, because I'll have to work 6 days a week, and I also want to have some quality time with … Meer lezen over My Christmas Wishlist